Soft soles

The insoles used in the soft slippers are designed after it

anatomical design of the foot, in a shock-absorbing poly-

food material. The soles are available in both black and white.


KIL sole, used for the professional materials.

CLOG sole, can be used for the soft slippers.



Wooden soles with high or low heel.



The high wooden sole has a heel height of 7 cm while the low wooden sole

has a heel height of 5 cm. Both soles have a built-in hollow foot and

rounding at the front for a more comfortable fit and gait.

The wooden soles are made of alder tree.


High Heel wooden sole.

Low wooden sole.



Special soles in wood / rubber.



Special sole of wood with a joint of rubber in the front. Use as one

exclusive sole i.a. in health care.

TG - sulan

Wooden sole with approx. half wood and half rubber. The sole has a strong

wear pattern that is well suited for work in commercial kitchens or the cleaning sector.



Flexible wooden sole.






The most popular soft sole. The sole consists of a shock absorber

polyethylene rubber (PU) with an insole in a microfiber material

The soles are available in black or white as standard.


















Produced by: Wikinggruppen
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